The summer has arrived, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about your organization’s charity fundraising events! Follow these five simple steps to find volunteers for your upcoming fundraisers.

5 Steps to Finding Volunteers for Your Charity Fundraising Events

1. Social Networking

Networking, whether one-on-one or via the Web, is the consistent, go-to resource to successful volunteer sourcing. If you don’t already have a social media presence already, create Facebook and Twitter accounts for your organization. When looking for volunteers using Facebook, post information that include keywords such as: Charity, Fundraiser, Volunteer, Community Service, and other similar terms. You can also post in public Facebook groups to optimize the number of people viewing your posts. When looking for volunteers using Twitter, use hashtags, which are topic-specific keywords that help your potential volunteers search for information on things they’re interested in. Using social media networking is a great way to create awareness about your cause, and cultivate volunteers for your charity fundraisers.

2. Document and Exhibit Accomplishments

Show off awards or any other documented achievements that would be appealing to potential volunteers. Also, prominently promote the volunteer opportunities your organization has to offer. This will make it clear you’re looking for volunteers, encouraging volunteers to join your fundraising team.


3. Participate in Recruitment Conventions

Visit local high schools and colleges, and give an informational talk about your organization. Make sure to give the students ideas about how they might be able to contribute as a volunteers, and what they could gain from the experience at your organization. You can also set up stands at local fairs and music festivals to help recruit volunteers and spread the word about the work you do for the community.


4. Advertise Your Organization Locally

Make flyers advertising your interest in finding volunteers, and post them in public places. You can post these flyers in coffee shops, grocery stores, local retail stores, parks and many other venues. You should post your flyers anywhere where they will be available to the eye of the public — your potential volunteers!

5. Promote the Benefits to Volunteering

If you have some funds budgeted for finding new volunteers, consider throwing a party, a meet-and-greet or some other type of small gathering, so the people who might be interested in volunteering can meet you and the rest of your team. Potential volunteers will see the community you’ve developed and have an opportunity to learn about the opportunities you have available in a more casual meeting.

By Michael Kuznetsov, Charity Fundraising Intern