The New Year has arrived, and that means it’s time you ramp up your charity fundraising efforts, while donors are still focused on giving. The weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s are commonly known as “the giving season.” This is the time of year when the most donations are made — both monetary and volunteer-related. Some charity fundraising entities have reported generating as much as half their annual earnings during this brief window.

But, why stop fundraising at midnight on New Year’s Day? Since giving is already high, charities should keep their fundraising efforts rolling! Run out of the gate in 2017, reminding people why your organization is the perfect cause for them to support. Now is the time to revamp social media, hold a small event or start writing a blog.

Here are a few quick (and cost effective) ideas to keep your charity top of mind for donors.

  • • Host an Open House. Have you ever considered opening the doors of your organization so donors can experience your great work for themselves? Well, if not, now is your chance! Open your doors, have some quick grab snacks and coffee, and show your community what you do and how their contributions can be put to use. You may snag some new volunteers who support you throughout the entire year!
  • • Kid-Friendly Nights. During the winter months, many organizations host “wintery” activities, and there’s no need to stop those efforts once the New Year arrives. In most areas of the country it’s still cold, so use that to your advantage! Hold a small, kid-friendly event, such as an ice skating party (if it’s warm in your community, try movie night!), and use it to raise funds and draw attention to your organization.
  • • Adults-Only Nights. After the holiday season, many parents are ready to hire babysitters and get out of the house for a few hours. Hold a dining out event at a local restaurant and discuss your organization’s work in the community. People enjoy knowing about groups that give back directly in their backyards, and worn out parents will appreciate the opportunity for a night off.
  • • Don’t forget about social media! We talk about this a lot – but it’s true! – social media platforms can be a great tool to get your charitable organization’s message out! A quick blog or post about what you did last year and what your charity plans to do in the year ahead is a positive way to kick off the New Year.

“New Year New Me” is a phrase we all hear, as the clock turns from midnight to 12:01 at the end of each year. That goes for your charity fundraising efforts, too! There are new leaves to turn over, new volunteers to bring on board, the new goals to crush. Happy New Year!