Thousands of charities, schools and other nonprofits are raking in millions in additional fundraising revenue with the help of Charity Grow’s free online auction platform and charity event planning system.

Charity Grow has revolutionized auction fundraising yet again. The organization best known for its diverse offering of charity auction items has entered a new age with its entry into the fundraising technology space. In addition to the organization’s current offerings, Charity Grow now offers online auctions and mobile bidding, as well as turnkey online event planning. What makes these additions truly unique is that the company offers them to all its charity partners as a value-added services. That means Charity Grow’s comprehensive online toolkit is 100% free — no setup fees, no contracts, no commissions.

“The positive response from our charity partners has been overwhelming,” said Charity Grow’s Marian Amo. “The two things I hear most from the event planners we work with are, one, ‘it worked just how you said it was going to,’ and two, ‘I can’t believe this service is free!’ People have a hard time believing we’re giving this technology away, but it’s about giving something back in a realm where many tech-focused companies are charging huge commissions just for passively running an auction. We’re not a tech company, we’re a fundraising company, and we want to change the current model.”

Charity Grow’s exclusive online auction platform gives charity event planners the ability to host their virtual auctions via a simple interface with the assistance of in-house technical and marketing teams. Many early-adopting charities have integrated Charity Grow’s online auction technology with their in-person auctions, utilizing the company’s mobile bidding engine as a tool at their live events, rather than antiquated bidding with paper and pens.

“Not only do the nonprofits we work with get the full benefit of displaying their auction items on a custom, branded domain, they also get the convenience of having the entire site designed and managed for them — all completely free,” Amo said. “That way, planners can shift their focus toward bringing in more donations and making their supporters aware of their online auction. Charity Grow also helps create compelling, response-driven marketing materials for every auction we host. That’s just another thing we hope to take off their plates, so they can focus on engaging their audiences.”

Managing a charity event is made simple with the help of Charity Grow’s online event planning system. Event organizers can book, manage and close out their auction fundraisers all via one user-friendly, web-based system.

“Accessibility is everything in the online and mobile space,” said Charity Grow’s Sean Gallagher. “To develop solutions that truly cater to what our charity partners need — not just now, but in the next five, 10, 15 years — we have to be focused on accessibility, and that’s what we’ve done with these latest technology projects. We’ve built systems that are both easy to use and scalable, while vast in their breadth and speed. Charity Grow’s online auction platform was the first step in our larger strategy to deliver technology-driven fundraising solutions to our charity partners for many years to come. Our next step has been the online event planner, but we have much more on the horizon.”

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